Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Shearer Bliss

My love had always been there.

He played the trumpet in the back of our sixth grade band. We took the same advanced spanish class in eighth grade. He was in my tenth grade chemistry class and my ninth grade history group and that english "pod" we had that one time.

And now we're getting married.

On August 24th, 2014, on the beach, surrounded by unlit candles and a threatening tropical storm, he asked me for my forever and I said 'yes'.

'Yes'. That word has never sounded better to me.

But it didn't always sound so good. Saying 'yes' to God before I said 'yes' to Jacob sometimes hurt so badly I didn't think I'd be able to make it because love is about so much more than kisses and pretty words and "Good Morning" texts every day. It's about choosing and sacrificing and knowing that God Himself is the only reason why you're still breathing.

But boy, am I breathing.

There is something so freeing about living right in the center of God's will. From choosing colleges, to leaving our home church, to getting engaged, Jacob and I have had to make some tough decisions over the last few years. Decisions I didn't know I was old enough to make on my own.

But here we are.

Twenty and finishing school and working for a living. After all this time all I know is that I don't. God does. And He speaks to me.

If there's a lesson to learn from our mistakes, it's that no one knows God's plan and purpose for your life except for God Himself. He's in the business of making something out of nothing and I have full faith that He will do so with my life, no questions asked. So when your well-meaning friends and family decide that God intends on speaking only to them about your future, just smile and say "Thank You" because God's got plans for their lives too.

They just might not know it yet.

So, if you'd like, stay tuned for updates on the road to "I do" via Facebook, Twitter (@smashley355), or our wedding hashtag #ShearerBliss.